Fusion Registry 9 from Metadata Technology is a statistical data management system for government agencies and public bodies who need to collect, integrate, process and publish official statistics.

It provides a range of simple, flexible and automated ways to publish statistics in formats, and through interfaces useful to your data consumers - making it ideal for Open Data.

Six Ways to Publish Your Statistics
using Fusion Registry 9

Dynamic links give users access to the most up to date data, as soon as it is published.

The data only needs to be loaded into Fusion Registry once.
Links can then be easily created to automatically provide access to the whole dataset in a variety of useful formats:

Government Support to the Rail Industry

Data Links

Government Support to the Rail Industry - All Data
Government Support to the Rail Industry - All Data
Government Support to the Rail Industry - All Data
Government Support to the Rail Industry - All Data
Government Support to the Rail Industry - All Data

Selected Series

Government Support to the Rail Industry - Total Government Support at 2017-18 Prices
Government Support to the Rail Industry - HS2
Government Support to the Rail Industry - Freight Grants

The links can be easily created and tested using Fusion Registry's Web Service Query Builder.

1. Select the dataset to publish and format that you want to publish it in.

2. Optionally, choose a sub-selection of the available series.

3. Copy the generated Query URL for the link.

Fusion Data Browser comes with Fusion Registry.

It's a stand-alone web application that allows data consumers to:

  • Explore your entire data catalogue
  • Build queries and select data of interest
  • Visualise data using charts and tables
  • Download complete datasets or just a selection of series in a range of useful formats including Excel, CSV, JSON and XML

How to use it?

Option 1: Place a link to the Fusion Data Browser service provided by your Fusion Registry on data.gov.uk or your own website. For instance: https://myagency.gov.uk/FusionRegistry/databrowser/index.html

Option 2: Embed the Fusion Data Browser package directly into your website - it's just HTML,CSS and JavaScript so should work with most sites!

Create charts and tables using Fusion Data Browser and share them as URL links, or embed them directly into websites or dashboards.

Fusion Registry provides a comprehensive REST web services data API for apps and data consumers who want direct access to the data for analytics.

The API complies with the SDMX REST API specification so is compatible with any tools that support the standard.

A data query URI has the following elements:

  • The dataset to query, for instance ORR,GOV_SUPPORT_RAIL_INDUSTRY,1.0 references the 'Government Support to the Rail Industry' version 1.0 dataset, published by the ORR (Office for Rail and Road)
  • A filter specifying what sub-selection of series to retrieve or all for the full dataset. The filter works in a similar way to Excel column filters in that it allows a list of values to be set for each of the dataset's dimensions. If a dataset has three dimensions: INDICATOR, REGION and FREQUENCY then a valid filter string could be IND1.UK.A meaning INDICATOR=IND1, REGION=UK, FREQUENCY=A (annual). If you don't want to filter a dimension, simply leave it out. IND1..A means all REGIONs.
  • URL parameters including format (specifies the data format: excel, csv, sdmx-json, rdf-turtle etc), detail=serieskeysonly (returns just the series without observations), and includehistory=true (includes revisions where they exist).


Government Support to the Rail Industry data for Crossrail returned as an Excel spreadsheet.
Try it http://myagency.gov.uk/FusionRegistry/ws/public/sdmxapi/rest/data/ORR,GOV_SUPPORT_RAIL_INDUSTRY,1.0/CROSSRAIL.?format=excel

Government Support to the Rail Industry data for Central Government Grants and Loans to Network Rail (GGG+LNR), returned as CSV.
Try it http://myagency.gov.uk/FusionRegistry/ws/public/sdmxapi/rest/data/ORR,GOV_SUPPORT_RAIL_INDUSTRY,1.0/CGG+LNR.?format=csv&detail=serieskeysonly&includehistory=true

The Fusion Registry 9 Connector for Tableau allows Tableau users to connect directly to your Fusion Registry 9 service and explore the entire data catalogue from their desktop.

Use Google's Data Studio tool to build and share interactive dashboards driven by Fusion Registry 9. It's free-to-use so provides a powerful and cost-effective way to publish additional visualisations, analysis and insights into your datasets.

  • Create maps, charts and tables all driven directly from your Fusion Registry.
  • Share the dashboards as links in emails or on social media, or embed them in your website.
  • Public users can also create their own dashboards.

Here's a live example

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